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Historical Development
Kangqiang, 20 years to create the miracle in domestic semiconductor industry
Express our sincere thanks to the trust and support of every inverstor

1996 One of the Best Economic-efficiency Industrial Enterprise in Zhejiang Province
1997 Advanced High-tech Enterprise in Ningbo
2000 Advanced Foreign Funded Enterprise in Ningbo
2001 Main High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan
2005 One of the Top 100 Enterprises in Ningbo
2005 Enterprise with the Most Influence in Semi-conductor Industry
2006 Growing-star Enterprise in Ningbo
2007 Protential-star Enterprise in Ningbo
2008 Advabced Collective of Information Industry Scientific
          and Technological Innovation in Zhejiang Province
2009 Advabced Harmonious Enterprise in Ningbo
2010 Advabced "the Best Public Company" in Ningbo

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