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The company was established in June 1992, completed the shareholding system transformation in October 2002, and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 2, 2007 (Kangqiang Electronics, 002119). It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of various semiconductor packaging materials. Mainly produce various types of semiconductor plastic package lead frames and bonding wires. Lead frames include integrated circuit frame series produced by two processes of punching and etching, surface mount series, LED surface mount array series, power electronics series and discrete device series, with an annual production capacity of over 100 billion pieces; bonding wires include keys Alloy wire and bonding copper wire series products, with a production capacity of 360 million meters, are adopted by major chip packaging companies at home and abroad. The company also produces high-end wire-cutting wire electrode wires, multi-station integrated circuit frame progressive molds and other products.

The company has a registered capital of 37.528 million yuan, an area of ​​about 81,000 m2, a building area of ​​about 105,800 m2, nearly 1,000 employees, and 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Based on technological innovation, we aim to serve the country through industry. The company introduces advanced laboratory testing equipment at home and abroad and recruits high-tech talents. The company has undertaken and completed the major technological transformation projects of the National Development and Reform Commission’s "Ninth Five-Year Plan", "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and won the "Ninth Five-Year Plan Advanced Technological Transformation Project" and the "Tenth Five-Year Plan High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project" And other honors; the company has repeatedly undertaken the "Torch Program" and "Innovation Fund" programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Development Fund project, and the provincial key scientific research project; since 2010, it has undertaken and completed the 9th subproject of the National 02 Key Science and Technology Special Project. , The 10th topic and supplementary topic projects, once again undertook the 12th Five-Year National Major Science and Technology 02 Special Project-"High Density Etching Lead Frames", actively promoting the localization of high-end etching lead frames, laying the foundation for the development of China's very large-scale integrated circuits . Through the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, the company's production technology, R&D equipment level and production and R&D capabilities have been rapidly improved, and technology upgrades have been achieved. So far, 105 patents have been obtained, including 30 invention patents, 71 utility model patents, and 4 software copyrights. Bonded copper wire and QFN high-density etching frame projects were rated as "China Semiconductor Innovative Products", and won the first and second prizes of the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award respectively, achieving product upgrades. In 2006, the company's R&D center was rated as a provincial-level enterprise R&D center. In 2015, the "Zhejiang Kangqiang Electronics (Chip) Packaging Materials Research Institute" was established. In 2017, it was approved to establish a provincial post-doctoral workstation.

In order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, the company has undergone process transformation and technological innovation in order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. After process transformation and technological innovation, the company first realized the production of silver-plated lead frames in China, which saved a lot of silver compared with the previous fully silver-plated products. The self-developed electroplating wastewater recycling and treatment facility adopts the technology of "quality and separation, membrane treatment, and on-line reuse". After treatment, most of the production wastewater will be directly used in the electroplating production line, with a reuse rate of over 85%, realizing resources Recycling, energy saving and consumption reduction, and green development. In 2018, it was rated as "Zhejiang Green Enterprise" by Zhejiang Environmental Protection Department. In view of the high density, high precision, refinement and miniaturization of lead frame products, manual detection is difficult, low efficiency, and risk of missed judgment. In 2014, intelligent detection was gradually realized instead of manual detection, saving 30% The labor cost also greatly improves the yield rate, reduces waste, and also improves production efficiency. Beginning in 2016, the company started the construction of a digital factory, built a digital transparent workshop, and improved the controllability of the whole process. In 2017, it was named "Ningbo City Industrial Industry Key Cultivation Enterprise" and "Ningbo City's Second Batch of Manufacturing Individual Champions" Cultivate enterprises".

Today, Kangqiang Electronics is standing at the forefront of China’s semiconductor industry, fully investing in the independent innovation and research and development of semiconductor materials, striving to outline a bright future for China’s national electronics industry, serving the well-being of all mankind with passion, and striving to become China’s independent A high-quality key enterprise in the world-class semiconductor packaging materials industry.



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