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Company Culture

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Enterprise tenet: unity, truth seeking, efficiency and innovation

Quality policy: technology leadership, precision management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

Corporate vision: standing on the leading edge of semiconductor industry in China, Kangqiang Electronics not only sketches the better future of electron industry of Chinese nationalities, but also goes to the world enthusiastically to keep moving towards the key enterprise in world semiconductor packaging material industry"!

Value of company:

Talent-The company's talent is the basis for success, their diligence and wisdom decide the vitality of enterprise.

Product-Product is the crystallization of the staff's efforts, the company's products should have first-class quality and competitive price in the world.

Customer-Customer is the sustenance, the company should offer the best services and optimal cost-effective products for customers.

Profit-Profit is the standard to check whether the enterprise meets customer's demands, and also is the source of business survival, development, shareholder's return and community return.

Environmental guideline:

1. Our activities, products and services obey relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirement.

2. To improve the environmental awareness and skills of the staff to achieve the continuous improvement of environment management system and environmental performance.

3. Focusing on pollution prevention, energy conservation, reduction of waste discharge, effective use of earth resources, constantly improve process and carry out sustainable economic development.

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