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Social Responsibility

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Kangqiang development is in the premise of environmental protection and energy conservation constantly, with the increasing development of domestic economy, environmental problems have been concerned by all walks of the life. Kangqiang Electronics actively takes social responsibility and tries to reduce the pollutant discharge of productive process. In order to enhance energy management, reduce energy consumption, stop waste phenomenon and to promote energy utilization rate, the company carries out company, workshop and team management system to the energy management to form energy management network. The company prepares the special energy management system to make clear the energy management responsibilities of relevant personnel of each department. By means of technical advantages, technology improvement and technological innovation are implemented to waste water treatment system to independently develop the current domestic and international advanced treatment process" quality division, membrane treatment and online recycling" technology, most of the industrial wastewater is reused in electroplating production line after being processed, the reuse rate is up to 85% above, for less wastewater incapable of being recycled, according to water quality characteristic, carry out separating treatment, filter and ion exchange to achieve national emission standard, and then, it is discharged, the discharge volume is reduced to 15%. Online dynamic resource recovery is implemented to the precious metal (silver) in waste water, the recovery rate is up to 90% above, achieving resources recycling, energy-saving and cost-reducing and green development!

Based on "the theory of Thinking of the Source when becoming rich", "remembering community return after become rich", the company constantly keeps own social responsibility in mind to positively share government's cares and burdens, solve problems for the masses and contribute tender feelings to public welfare establishments while developing and growing. Over the years, the company constantly and positively participates in the rescue and relief work, aid project, teaching assistant, health care and other various social and public welfare undertakings. In 2006, the company set up assisting village with Xiaohuayuan village of Xiaying Street to build elderly activities room and issue financial aids. In 2010, the company denoted 500,000 Yuan of China Green Carbon Fund Yinzhou project for "Forest Yinzhou" to be granted the special founder of China Green Carbon Fund Yinzhou project, and the company denoted 500,000 Yuan to Yinzhou District Red Cross Society in March 2010. In response to the calling of government, the company has been to Guizhou and other places to survey and offer poverty relief and denoted 150,000 Yuan to build Hope Primary School for remote area, which was highly approved by local government and all sectors of society. For several years, the company collective and staff have denoted more than 5 million Yuan for each level of charity society accumulatively, and contributed 6 million Yuan to build Kangqiang poverty alleviation naming sponsorship fund, especially, since Wenchuan “5.12” earthquake in 2008, the company has denoted more than 900,000 Yuan together with staff for the first time to positively undertake social responsibility and help the disaster area. At the same time, the company has set up financial difficulties allowance fund to help the particularly difficult staff timely, which makes positive contribution to the construction of steady staff team and harmonious society.

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